Jun 06, 2017




Marketing automation is one of the top 5 marketers’ most important trends in Canada (Source: eMarketer). The idea behind automation is simple: automate campaigns execution to increase return on investment and efficiency. Easier said than done. This is where you should start.

Analyze your business’ needs

Marketing automation is more than having your IT team implementing a tool. You need to analyze your business’ needs and determine what you want to automate, keeping your objectives in mind. Do you want to increase your clients’ engagement with your product or do you want to increase client conversion on your website? Once this is clear, you will be able to define the processes to be automated according to your needs.

Map your workflows

What behavior should trigger an electronic communication? What content should be included in the communication? What should be the call-to-action? Mapping is the foundation of marketing automation as it will help you understand the process and identify if it needs to be optimized at some point. Take time to assess the consumer journey architecture for your specific product or service and identify where an electronic communication could add value from a purchase, engagement or reactivation standpoint.

Personalize your content

Your database is made of thousands of unique individuals. Each and every one of them reads, engages and reacts to different topics. Would you suggest dog food to a consumer who only looks for cat accessories? The more you know about your clients, the more effective you will be at stimulating them towards a defined action.

Test and optimize

Once they’re up, you need to keep an eye on your marketing automation campaigns. Does the abandoned cart workflow converts more when it is sent 5 days or 10 days after the abandonment? Is a promotion necessary? Marketing automation allows businesses to be more efficient, but to ensure it delivers the best results, it needs to be monitored, tested and optimized.

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Post by Aurore Batt