While 85% of internet users use the internet to shop, 87% also say they are influenced by negative information viewed online about a brand, a product or a service. They can abandon their search process and even be dissuaded from making the planned purchase.

Information access

Access to many sources of information and comparators now offers the opportunity to collect relevant information before buying online. This practice is becoming more and more automatic. First and foremost, Internet users seek objective opinions.

88% of internet users consult online reviews, forums, consumer sites and blogs before buying online. 52% of internet users consult reviews on social networks.

Trust and the act of purchase

A user’s trust towards your brand is therefore an essential element in the actual act of purchasing. Experiences and negative reviews relayed online can have a dissuasive effect and can significantly impact your sales.

30% say they gave up the purchase of a product online because of the negative opinions that they had the opportunity to read.

39% will make the decision to postpone their purchase in order to further reflect.

27% will go to the store to view the product and make up their own opinion.

What to do?

Strategically it is essential to manage Internet users’ reviews.

Manage negative reviews

It is important to note that it is normal to have online reviews and moreover, negative comments. Objectively, it is your role to use them to improve your business, your products, your service and to maintain your customer relationship.

By managing the negative reviews you will demonstrate your strength and prove your commitment to your customers. By taking care of your customers in a timely manner you will value your strengths and reassure your future customers.

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Post by Aurore Batt