Aug 02, 2018




The most used search engine is Google, but let’s not forget that the second most powerful engine is YouTube!

What are your tactics?

  1. Keywords: To optimize your video, it is essential to analyse keywords used in your traditional communications. Then check if these keywords trigger video results on YouTube. This analysis will allow you to improve your offer and identify the positioning of your competition. If the selected keywords do not trigger any video results, search for other related keywords.
  2. Title: This must be catchy and contain your main keyword.
  3. Description: Integrate the link of your website, as well as your keywords.


Quality and quantity!

We are used to work with Google that promotes quality short content. YouTube, on the other hand, favors long and high quality content.

The quality will be measured in pixels. It is recommended to have a format of 1280 x 760 pixels. The average duration of a well referenced video will be 5 minutes.


The 5 points not to be missed!

YouTube promotes a video that has a lot of engagement. The recipe for indexing your videos up includes the following:


  1. Thumbs: The number of clicks on the thumbs up and down tells YouTube if the content needs to be pushed forward or not.
  2. Reviews: Allow users to express themselves about your content.
  3. Favorites: When users tag your content as a favorite, this clearly tells YouTube that the video may be of interest to others.
  4. Share: the more shared your video is, the more it will attract interest.
  5. Number of followers: your audience remains your pillar.

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Post by Aurore Batt