Q&A on Google My Business, using software to monitor and respond.


When a customer is taking their time in asking a very specific question such as booking an appointment, asking for prices or product availability, this is the ideal customer profile that is ready to make a move, real quick. 

It’s a challenge for businesses to keep up with the stream of reviews coming in from directories such as Google and Facebook, never mind the flood of location specific questions that are populating by the minute. 

In a nutshell, Q&A’s permits Google users to ask, and any Google user to answer inquiries they may have. As long as the business has a GMB profile. These crowdsourced questions will in turn be present on the Google Knowledge Panel and available at any time a business is searched.

Let’s take a step back and think for a second. According to digital experts, in 2018, 25% of businesses have been asked a question at least once . Can you imagine the rate today, in the midst of a pandemic where folks want answers before leaving their safe and comfortable homes? Additionally, your responses can help diminish the inquiries you are getting via phone calls, emails, social media and more.


What’s the hype about it?


-Your relationship and responsiveness with Q&A’s help your organic ranking, essentially you are adding value to your listing so Google will recognize your business legitimacy.

-Win new customers – it’s a free Google marketing opportunity. Questions and answers are extremely visible, appearing front and center for prospective clients.

-Don’t worry, if your mind is wondering what if… you can escalate any inappropriate, harmful or incorrect questions or answers. The Google policy is great help.

-Don’t have any questions? Google actually recommends for businesses’ to ask and answer their own questions!


Best Practice


-Address ALL questions- no such thing as dumb questions.

-Don’t send customers to your website, that is what they are trying to avoid in the first place. Customers are seeking immediate answers. At the same time, you may be addressing a question that many other customers may want to ask.

-Flag inappropriate and off-topic question and answers

-Use a tool to monitor it, especially for multi-location set ups. Going in and out of location specific GMB profiles to answer questions is very time consuming. Talk to our experts to see how you can monitor, answer and post questions.


Although launched in 2017, there have been many recent updates to the Google API regarding this nifty specific feature. Check out LOCALTRAC’s Q&A tool in how we can help businesses like you treat Google Q&A’s directly from our platform.

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