Spotted, 2-Packs on Google Local Search Results

Apr 15, 2021


Local Marketing


What does it mean when Google is currently in test mode? Is the 3-pack going away?


Many people have reported a recent finding, a 2-pack rather than a 3-pack being spotted on local mobile search results.  In the last couple of weeks, Google has been in test mode to modify mobile search outcomes. The last time an initiative pertaining to the map-pack was rolled out was back in 2015. The test seems to be conducted in the US,UK and Canada.

Most businesses have been shaken up with polar opinions on how this potential test may influence online local visibility and foot-traffic. Is Google looking for a sweet spot in the paradox of choice? Or are they trying to get more space for ads?


Or, is Google trying to push out bad listings?

At the end of the day Google is continuously exploring the optimal way to bring better search experiences to folks.


What does this mean for businesses?

While this may simply be a test, Google is still keeping everyone on their toes. Don’t panic, just think about some best practices to implement below:

  1. Correct inaccuracies or errors in your location data, and get rid of duplicates
  2.  Photo management, keep them coming! Google loves consumers, consumers love photos
  3.  Be responsive, answer negative and positive reviews
  4. Optimize your digital real estate place, does your page display everything Google’s got to offer?


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 Source: Local U