Google My Business: How to utilize the “Located in” feature

Mar 22, 2022


Google, Local SEO

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Is your business located in a mall? A shop or restaurant in a hotel? Or even a department in a chain store?

For a few years now, Google has been offering a practical but little-known option: your business is “Located in” another business.

You are able to nest your businesses within the shopping center where your store or restaurant is located, the hotel where your restaurant is located and/or even certain departments and services in your chain brand. 

This feature has two purposes:

  • Helping your customers find you better.
  • Demonstrate to Google that 2 companies are operating from the same address and are not duplicates.

Here is a concrete example of a store in a mall. These locations are generally well known to the public, which makes it easier to find you:

For some large chain brands, Google automatically creates “ghost” pages of its internal divisions or departments. For example, an automotive retailer may have its various departments, parts, used, etc. with a Google Business Profile.

It is then important to mark these services as “Located in” the dealership. This will also affect the dealer page as it will display his department(s), which correspond to these different pages.

In summary, not only can this option allow clients to find you, but you also gain peace of mind knowing that Google will not flag the location as a duplicate

We encourage you to get in contact with a PUBLITECH customer success manager, he will happily review everything with you.