Financial Services

Invest Where it Counts

Don’t let the fierce competition and continuous industry changes take over your clients. Be part of your client’s financial plan, it starts locally.

Some of Today’s Financial Service Challenges

Customers demanding more sophisticated and personalized services

Fintech disruption of the financial industry - more competition

Cultural shifts demanding digital conveniences

Continuous innovation & technological changes

Security & Compliance


Mobile queries for “bank near me” have grown by over 60% in the past two years – Google.


81% of consumers did not have one company in mind when searching for loans and mortgages – LSA.


Mobile searches related to financial planning and management have grown 70% over the past two years – Google.

Does Your Bank Rank

It’s no longer only about the neighbouring branch, it’s all about which bank or credit union offers perks and incentives for products and services. The LOCALTRAC financial suite understands the extra edge and information needed amongst directories to generate brand visibility and increase foot traffic. The LOCALTRAC difference ensures attributes such as ATM hours, holiday hours,  GMB posts and more to set your institution apart from the rest.

Mortgage Services

One of the common end goals for any organization is customer acquisition, it all starts with excelling and optimizing the local advantage. Centralize your business facts with LOCALTRAC – hours of operation, credentials, languages spoken, areas of specialties, videos, years of experience in order to attract your target audience. 

The detailed insights and reporting will tell you the complete story of how your clients are finding you. Shift around your marketing dollars where it really matters, we help you gain market share.

Additionally, leverage the bi-directional API’s to connect any back-end or third-party system with the LOCALTRAC environment, it solves problems!

Prioritize Customer Sentiment

Dive into the sentiments, topics and opinions in your data. LOCALTRAC allows you to compare date ranges in your data to discover customer trends over time. Our team of experts assist you and your teams in generating templated responses while respecting your brand, culture, company’s criteria and most importantly the confidentiality and privacy of customers. Based on the tags you have set up for your corporation, LOCALTRAC will send the optimized response to your audience. Export your insights and share dashboards to guarantee your visions make waves across your organization.

Be here, be now, be everywhere

Explore our complete powerful intelligent network of directories.

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