Influence The Patient Journey

The patient journey has forever changed. Regardless of your practice and specialty, the LOCALTRAC healthcare solution stimulates patient acquisition, retention and overall online presence.

Some of Today’s Healthcare Challenges

Patient trust and loyalty

Physician data nonexistent, inaccurate and mismanaged

New patient journeys

Physician reputation and testimonials

Capturing patient feedback

Rise of mobile health shopping


50%  of  all  patients  will  decide  not  to  see  a  provider  if  he  or  she  has  inaccurate  or  incomplete listing information on the web – Stockhouse.

Patients ranked ratings and reviews as the most important factor when making a doctor’s appointment, with referrals coming in second – Stockhouse.


88% of patients will go online to read reviews about a provider they’ve been referred to – Stockhouse.

Rich Physician Content

Patients   are   utilizing   digital   tools   to   compare   physicians.   Leverage   the   partnerships   and integrations LOCALTRAC has with numerous health partners to relay industry-leading features to your patients. Our intelligent network of medical directories ensures enhanced physician profiles by  communicating  information  such  as  insurance  affiliations,  care  philosophies,  biographies, education, specialties and more. Be the provider they choose.

Clean Data Ecosystem

Healthcare is complex,  the data ecosystem can easily get outdated,  inaccurate  and  mismanaged, especially with constant provider turnover. While you focus on the health of your patients, the LOCALTRAC health suite focuses on the health of your online presence. Your provider and practice data is constantly up to date on business and healthcare directories to help you amplify patient volume.

Reputation Management Over Physician Referrals

Gain  deep  insight.  You  want  to  be  able  to  capture  the  way  your  patients  feel,  especially  their overall  patient  journey.  The  LOCALTRAC  advantage  allows  you  to  gather  reviews  and  natively answer  patient  sentiment  from  one  platform.  Your  ratings  and  review  volumes  have  a  key influence on your ranking factors. You can no longer count on referrals alone, patients are online all day, especially for their health.   Our templated responses help you and your office managers address issues such as bedside manner, billing, patient experience and more.  More importantly, all LOCALTRAC efforts are 100% HIPAA compliant.

Be here, be now, be everywhere

Explore our complete powerful intelligent network of directories.

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