Local Listings Management

Build your brand’s local presence

Local listings management does not only relate to brick-and-mortar, it caters to all industries and professions. LOCALTRAC gives you that competitive edge to attract new clients.

Ramp Up Your Local Game

Listing management  is  essential  in  building  your  brand’s  local  presence.  In  today’s  digital  era, customers expect accurate and consistent information as they zig-zag across key directories enabling them to easily convert. Search engines will favor optimized data thus positively affecting your ranking on a SERP. To increase your ROI and discourage your competitors in attracting your clients, start stepping up your local game.


72% of consumers lose trust in brands due to inaccurate local business listings – Search Engine Watch.

“Near me” searches have increased more than 500% in the past few years – Think With Google.


97% of consumers check a company’s online presence before deciding to visit them – Forbes.

Are you well equipped to manage your online presence ?

Managing your local listings in online directories can quickly become complex given the number of directories to manage and the various directory specifications and frequent evolutions.

The LOCALTRAC Difference

Be Present Where it Matters

While many of your potential customers will search on Google for information on local services, many will also search on other online directories, including those related to your industry. Be present where potential customers are looking for you! Choose online directories with the best local search rankings. Our packages are constantly revised to represent an intelligent network of directories based on high domain authority ranking and other factors.

Quality vs Quantity

The internet is an evolving network that is constantly changing. With endless developments, shifting directory requirements and algorithm updates, you need to make sure that your local listings provider has the tools and a high-tech approach to keep up. Our partnerships and integrations with over 100+ directories and aggregators allow your business to be top of mind. Our manpower behind the scene assures a second verification to automation and a constant watchful eye in making sure all content is claimed, optimized and reflects directory best practice.

One Central Hub

LOCALTRAC is an all-in-one local SEO platform that will manage the accuracy and consistency of your listings displayed in multiple online directories, all from one single tool. Our proprietary software allows teams to update your listings instantly in bulk via API by following proper format and protocol.  Even better, our team will be in charge of identifying discrepancies directly from our platform. Our experts will take the necessary corrective actions in each online directory to maintain the accuracy of your local information on a daily basis. More importantly, you may receive notifications by e-mail or platform alerts any time there are updates to your data.

Duplicate Reduction

Duplicate listings can be enormously disruptive to your local SEO efforts, brand image and credibility. Most providers claim they address duplicates but beware redirects or other shortcuts is not the solution you want to hear. The approach behind duplicates is directory specific, it’s not a one size fits all approach. Claiming, suppressing or merging, our team of experts is vigilant in handling these enemies.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Actionable Analytics. You want to be able to make intelligent business verdicts, you need your data to tell the full story. Our platform and reporting transparently communicates data from the major players so you are always aware if your conversions are due to direct or discovery searches. More so, you will be able to understand important insights such as your organic exposure, volume impressions, clicks-to-actions and more. This golden information, totally customizable, will allow you to forecast and efficiently spend your marketing dollars.

Voice optimized solutions through smart devices

While Alexa, Google Home and Siri help your customers make quicker decisions, you need to make sure these smart devices echo your brand.  While voice search makes for legendary customer experiences, it can also optimize a business’ SEO, of course while following the right strategy. While voice search is still on the rise, capitalize on the LOCALTRAC advantage in push data to voice applications such as Amazon to stand out from your competitors.

Be NOW, be HERE, be everywhere

Explore our complete powerful intelligent network of directories.

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