Food Services

Are your customers craving you?

The way diners find and choose restaurants is quickly evolving. No matter who you cater to or what you are serving, feed the data where it belongs.

Some of Today’s Food Service Challenges

Too much choice

Online menu management

Dining experience

Restaurant Data Ecosystem

Marketing, just not spicy enough


84% of people are likely to search more than one restaurant before choosing where to dine – Single Platform.

1 in 8 diners will post a restaurant review after their meal – OpenTable.


75% of consumers often choose a restaurant to dine at based on search results – Single Platform.

The Secret Ingredient

Are you part of one’s local discovery?

Your attributes are how folks are finding you; it’s no longer only about mouth marketing. Benefit with LOCALTRAC’s expert guided approach by spilling the list in what you offer: Dining attributes, service options, accessibility, amenities, crowd planning and more.

Want to have more fun?

Allow our digital marketing experts to personalize response templates to the dining experience you offer. With a few clicks, both your happy and frustrated diners can be addressed in a timely fashion. Your customers are your biggest brand advocates, get them talking!

Voice Assistant, Choice Assistant

Today’s variety of voice assistants and smart speakers play a big role in making choices. The reality is, “61% of individuals use their voice assistants to find directions to a restaurant or to locate nearby dining choices” – Cake. Restaurants that recognise the importance of consistent and optimized location data, understand that this same data is fed to the smart devices. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first choice when hungry diners want a taste of you.

Menu Management

Finicky diners or should we say all diners eat with their eyes. Many directories allow you to flaunt your menu with rich information such as nutritional info, dietary specifications, pictures, pricing and more. The LOCALTRAC food services offering makes sure your menu is optimized, up to date and meets customer expectations at all times. Even better, we can help you add a booking link too!

Be here, be now, be everywhere

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