Reputation Management


Allow your customers to leave their feedback places where their voice would go a long way. In today’s era of super-connected consumers, brand confidence is a prized asset earned by continuously providing a legendary service.

Improving Customer Relationships

Reputation management is imperative in mounting a business today. A business’ constant interaction with customer reviews shapes loyalty and increases customer confidence in one’s brand and product, influencing sales and the bottom-line growth. A healthy reputation management strategy means that you are actively monitoring: how local folks are finding you, what they are searching for and their overall sentiment about their journey with you. There are many layers to reputation management, monitoring is a good starting point. 


88% of consumers trust online reviews like personal recommendations – Search Engine Land. 

Google takes into consideration the rating of sites, favouring and ranking those having the highest ratings – Search Engine Watch. 


Consumers are influenced by both positive and negative reviews, 82% of shoppers specifically seek out negative reviews – Search Engine Journal.

Leverage your clients as free advocates to echo your brand. Have a strategic and holistic approach and stick to it.

The LOCALTRAC Difference

Monitor reviews

Through our integrations and API’s, the LOCALTRAC platform seamlessly gathers reviews into the dashboard so you can monitor pulse across the knowledge network. Filtering options such as date, directory and star rating can allow your business to get a quick glimpse, at scale, of overall customer queries across all locations.

Real-Time notifications

Our notification system activates an alert every time a review is left on one of your location pages. Our platform allows you to select a cadence in which you would like your teams alerted via email when their attention is needed.

Response management

Our Local experts will help you create your own response templates and provide the tools for your team to respond according to your company’s criteria and culture directly from the LOCALTRAC dashboard. Based on your personalized tags and best practice, LOCALTRAC will send the right response to your customers. Our platform empowers any layer of management to take control of the brand and build relationships with their current customers.

Automated Tag Sorting

Set-up keywords in the platform, so the reviews will be automatically sorted in the proper category. It will give you the ability to recognize the positive or offensive words on reviews. For example, you could use “good service”, “bad experience”, “interest rate too high”. 

Get the real story

Collect feedback that drives action. Our dashboard provides multiple reports to understand how customers perceive their experience. Your teams will be able to easily classify the strengths and opportunities of online and offline experiences, being able to effortlessly determine the key drivers of customer gratification.

Review solicitation

Using email to encourage reviews post-purchase or post-service is a strategic approach recommended to get timely feedback. Be proactive and take advantage of the moment when your customers still remember you, by sending them a personalized message requesting their review.

Embrace Negative Reviews

Every business experiences negative reviews that are downright cruel. You may think the contrary, but consumers do understand that perfect is too good to be true. Imperfections can be embraced in a decision-making process if customers are handled with care and compassion. Just remember, listen carefully, don’t take offence, respond quickly with authenticity and take it offline.

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